Moalboal: Summer Paradise

Experience summer like never before at Moalboal…



Moalboal has been one of the easiest gateways to summer paradise to people who have tight budget and tight schedule. It is best known for its not-so-white and not-so-powdery sand but perfect for recreational activities. It’s one of the best snorkeling sites in the Philippines. Swarming corals are just few meters away from the surface. Colorful fishes that I thought would only exist in the deepest part of the ocean.


Moalboal doesn’t really enliven my sleeping spirit but when I learned about Pescador Island, I was so eager then to convince my family to celebrate my Dad’s birthday at Moalboal.


I’ve been visiting this place a lot of times but never did I know about the wonderful island of Pescador just few miles away from the white beach of Basdako, Moalboal. We chose to stay in Basdako because other resorts don’t have white sand as much as Basdako has.

best spot to pitch the tent

We arrived about 5pm. It was so hard for us to find a room because we arrived late. Fortunately, we got a little room which was good for 2, technically, and up to 4 persons for only 1000Php. There were 12 of us in the group so I rented a good-for-four tent since I brought mine with me that can accommodate 6 persons.

As soon as we checked in, I headed immediately to the shore to set up my tripod and camera to capture the most beautiful sunset my eyes have seen for the longest time since last month. Same feeling I get everytime I see how Mother Nature could be so perfect…overwhelming.

Tomorrow came and our trip to Pescador Island began. We spent 2,300Php(supposed to be 2,500Php but we haggled) for a small boat which I think was too expensive for island hopping.


The Pescador Island hopping for me was a good and a bad experience. It was good in a way that everyone enjoyed the snorkeling site and had their own share of stories and photos. It was a bad one because the boat was too small and the gear they provided us was not fully functional. We were given worn out life vests and snorkel which seems to me that it’s unable to save life.




We were supposed to visit three sites but were only able to enjoy one, Pescador Island, due to frightening strong waves(well, they’re just not used to it). I felt bad somehow because I was so into it that I could already imagine myself swimming with the school of fish or enjoying the sight of pawikans. Anyhow, it wasn’t bad at all. We were able to catch a glimpse of dolphins surfacing the water.


How to get there:

From South Bus Terminal, you take a bus bound for Bato via Barili and ask the driver to drop you off at Moalboal town proper. From there, you can ride a trike going to your desired beach resort.

I am not certain of the fare rate because it changes everytime and we had our private vehicle to get there.



  • Diving/Snorkeling
  • Beach sports
  • Camp fire
  • Sunset watching



  • If you plan to spend a night in the public beach resort of Basdako, be there as early as possible for the available rooms.
  • Find the best spot for the best beach experience.
  • If you go on island hopping, make sure to have a better boat and that you will be provided with complete and working gear or better bring your own snorkeling gear.


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