Alcoy: From sea to summit to sea again

watermarked-10606329_10204744387106751_2951417088995110436_nBEACH!!!  I always love the beach. The salty sea breeze that touches the skin through the air and the sun-sparkled azure water that emphasizes the sublime beauty will never  fade into oblivion.


After moments of fun and awe by the beauty of Dalaguete atop the hill overlooking the ocean, we headed to the public beach of Tingko, Alcoy to spend the rest of the day.


You might have heard a lot about Tingko beach in Alcoy. The beauty added by the white sand, crystal clear water, and the magnificent view of the underwater world. Who would have thought that such a beach resort exists that anyone may enjoy without spending a fortune. For anyone who want to save money in beaching, you may just drop by and dip into the water.If you want to stay overnight, you may rent a room for an affordable price or pitch a tent on the shore.


I heard there’s a sand bar in the middle of the sea that shows up only during low tide. You might want to charter a boat and try to experience that:)


We didn’t stay long because I just wanted to  taste the beauty of this beach again. It’s been years already since the last time I went here.




How to get here:

From Cebu South Bus Terminal, ride a bus bound for Oslob and ask the konduktor to drop you off at Tingko. Fare is at 120Php(Ceres with a/c).

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