O’Peak: Climb is sweeter the second time around

The pain will fade away but memories and experience are indelible.


Just like what I said the first time I climbed Opeak, “Definitely not the last time”. I made my way to convince some friends to climb with me and spend a night at the peak.

It was a fulfillment for a noob like me. With the help of our TL and his girlfriend, we were able to pull this one off. This time with a taste of a little adventure. I was stoked for it was my first time in forever to do a camping in the mountain top.


We arrived exactly after the sun had set. The surrounding started to get dark and we also started to prepare the paraphernalia to ascend to the top.




In less than half an hour, we already reached the summit. We pitched our tent adjacent to the famous hill.


I never imagined camping out in the mountains could be really fun. We had our TL prepared the dinner and us as his apprentice, lol.


If there’s one thing that I’d like to capture at that moment, those are the cluster of stars. All I can say is perfect. How I wish I could capture those stars exactly the same way I looked at them. They’re just amazingly perfect.  Perfect for all lovers out there and perfect for those who want to unwind and gaze at the stars.




I must say that my first climb was not as good as this time due to haziness. I was surprised that I see no fog anywhere. It was a good timing for us to see the sunrise.



A bunch of people were very busy with their photoshoot with the sunrise and jagged hills in the background making it like a pro :), of course, we had our own photoshoot as well..hehe





After breakfast and couple of pictures, we then prepared for our next adventure. We started to trek about 8:00AM from Osmeña Peak to Kawasan Falls. That was by far the most challenging trip that I had. We walked and climbed MOUNTAINS up and down to get to our destination. We had to endure the scorching heat of the sun and endure the pain on the back due to the load of the backpack that we carried.






It took us almost 7 hours to get to Kawasan Falls.


Despite the experience, we felt fulfilled for making that happened and survived. Seven hours of trekking in a sweltering day was never easy.


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