Hermit’s Cove: The beauty beyond imagination

An utterly breathtaking public beach resort situated in Kantabogon, Aloguinsan.


I invited some of my friends to come with me and have an overnight stay at the public beach. The place is about 2-3 hours from Cebu City. We departed at 2:00 in the afternoon and got there almost sunset.



This has become one of my favorite beaches in Cebu. The local government managed to promote eco-tourism to maintain the pristine state of the beach. Apart from that, they set a standard fare for all motorcycle or habal-habal in getting there from the lungsod or the main town.


Entrance fee costs 50 Php for day trip and 100 for an overnight stay. The public beach resort doesn’t have rooms and any nearby restaurant or kitchenette, so, if you want to stay overnight you will have to bring your equipment and food supply with you. In case you don’t have a tent, you may rent one from the attendant for 450 Php. You will also need to pay 150 per barangay tanod/watcher to watch during your overnight stay. Number of barangay tanods will depend on the number of people that will stay there overnight.


We had the entire beach to ourselves when we went there since it was Sunday. We were warned by the tanods to not make so much noise because the place was enchanted. They even told us that there was one time that a girl couldn’t talk and could hardly breathe because she made a loud noise and was shouting over the night. They had to bring her to a witch doctor the next morning to heal. That must be a lesson learned for everyone to at least pay respect to the place or anywhere or to whatever the locals instructed what not to do. Some people do not believe in enchantment but what could be wrong if we just follow what is being instructed right?


The place was so secluded, peaceful, and quiet at night (just perfectly what I wanted). We had fun talks and a little taste of emperador light to spice up the moment:-)



We paid another 50 Php for our day trip since overnight stay is only until 8 a.m. We chartered a boat, 60 Php/person, to give us a tour around the place. If you want to snorkel you will need to pay 200 Php/person.



After the tour, we then took the time to indulge ourselves and basked in the crystal clear seawater of the beach.

Hermit’s cove is absolutely perfect for people who want to experience a different kind of approach of beach bumming or just simply camping by the beach:)


How to get there:

From south bus terminal, you may ride a bus en route to Pinamungahan. A/c bus costs 100 Php and non-a/c should be around 70-80 Php.

From Pinamunghan, you can ride a trike going to Aloguinsan and alight at the public market. It should cost you about 25 Php. And then ride a motorcycle or habal-habal to Hermit’s cove for 50 Php/person.

You may also ride a bus going to Toledo and take a jeepney from there to Aloguinsan and ride a habal-habal from the public market to Hermit’s Cove.


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