Chalet Hills

“Enough with the beaches for now”. That’s what I was thinking on a sunny and hot Friday afternoon. I was figuring out where to go on a 300 pesos budget. I was completely broke but I couldn’t stop myself from leaving the house and go somewhere else.


I texted Carlota to check what was up with her and what’s her plan on weekend. Good thing she was free then. We were thinking to do a camping trip to Sirao Peak also known as Mt. Kan-irag. We planned to meet by 11:00a.m. on Saturday in order to get to the top before sunset. Sad thing was that we were not able to get a tour guide and Jordan was not available until 3:00 P.M. That pushed us to change the plan. Carlota mentioned about Chalet Hills. I quickly searched on the internet to get more information about the place. I was glad to know that it is just in the city and we didn’t need to go too far.


Chalet Hills is situated in Brgy. Busay, Cebu City. Unlike any other mountains of Cebu, Chalet Hills is very accessible by motorcycles or private vehicles. The trail is not difficult. You don’t even need to hire a tour guide because it is just along the road. Some climbers prefer to trek through the mountains, usually from Napo Hill in Guadalupe. What I like the most about the place is the view of the city and the mountain ranges on the other side.


We met at JY Square mall at 3:00P.M. to buy necessary stuff and food and then left by 4:00P.M. To cut expenses and save more money, it is best to ride a jeepney from there to Mountain View Nature’s Park and just walk all the way to Chalet Hills. Unfortunately on that time, none of the jeepneys would pass by the area and it left us no choice but to ride a motorcycle or habal-habal and took extra cash (75 pesos each) from our pocket.


We arrived about 4:30P.M. We were the second group that arrived and got a very good spot for our tent. We immediately pitched our tent and set up everything. We even cooked our food early because everyone was already hungry.


The place was serene and relaxing. Perfect for everyone to just take much time and momentarily forget the bustle city life. We spent the rest of the time talking and savoring the moment while on the mountain.


Morning came and we had to prepare the breakfast so that we could still take some photos of the place and so we could descend early.


Here are some photos taken during our camping trip at Chalet Hills:














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