5D4N Baguio-Sagada-Bontoc-Banaue itinerary

Traveling to Northern Luzon might be really tedious and time consuming yet fun. A lot of people, especially those busy ones have a hard time traveling to farther places due to busy schedule. That is why, doing some research and planning ahead is imperative to effective and time-efficient traveling.


When you travel to northern Luzon, make sure that you already know the bus schedules and how long it takes to get to your destination. Bus can take so much of your time, so before you pack your stuff, list down your itineraries beforehand to avoid procrastination. Here is the detailed itinerary that we followed and that might help you organize your schedule or itinerary when you travel to Northern Luzon.


Itinerary Details:



5:00A.M:  to Manila.

8:00A.M:  Manila(Victory liner) to Baguio.

3:00P.M: Arrival in Baguio; checked in at the hotel

3:30P.M: Late lunch at Luto ni Juan; Minesview.

In the evening, Sm City Baguio for groceries.



7:00A.M: Breakfast at the hotel room.

8:00A.M: Lourdes Grotto, Diplomat Hotel, and Burnham Park.

11:00A.M: Lunch at nearby kitchenette.

1:00P.M: Last trip from Baguio to Sagada

7:00P.M: Arrival in Sagada; checked in at Sagada Homestay.

Dinner at Sagada Diner


Day 3:

4:30A.M: Kiltepan Peak

7:00A.M: Breakfast at the nearby kitchenette

9:00A.M: Short course caving: Dokiw Hanging Coffins viewpoint, Lumiang Burial Cave entrance, Sumaging Cave entrance and exit point.

At noon, one of our colleagues had to leave and go back to Manila due to work. And the two of us had our lunch at the nearby kitchenette and then we visited Hanging Coffins in Echo Valley and Rice Terraces viewpoint.

In the evening, we walked around the town and bought some food for our dinner at the nearby store.


Day 4:

6:00A.M: Checked out at the; catch up with the first jeepney trip to Bontoc.

8:00A.M: Arrival in Bontoc; roamed around the town.

10:00A.M: Bontoc to Banaue

12:00NN: Arrival in Banaue; lunch at Sanafe lidge and restaurant

2:00P.M: Bangaan rice terraces

5:00P.M: Public market(souvenirs);early dinner

7:00P.M: Banaue to Manila

Note: According to the jeepney drivers in Bontoc, buses are usually not available during weekend especially Sundays. The only available public vehicle that you can take going to Banaue is jeepney. And from what they said, jeepneys won’t leave until they get at least 8-12 passengers, unless you are willing to pay for the seats.




5:00A.M: Arrival; breakfast; roam around; MOA

3:00P.M: NAIA

5:00P.M: Manila to Cebu



Flights  / Transportation Description ( Cost) Total Amount Spent
Manila to Baguio Bus(Victory Liner) Php 455
Bus station to Hotel Taxi Php 60=3 pax, Php 20
Tour around Baguio City Jeepney and Taxi Php 180
Baguio to Sagada Bus(GL trans) Php 220
Sagada to Bontoc Jeepney Php 45
Bontoc to Banaue Jeepney Php 200
Banaue to Baguio Bus(Ohayami) Php 450
Sampaloc Manila to Pasay Taxi Php 220=2 pax, Php 110
Total Expenses Php 1680
Accommodation Description ( Cost) Total Amount Spent
Blue Montain Hotel One night/Good for three persons Php 1275=3 pax, Php 425
Sagada Homestay(with private bathroom) Two Nights; 1st night: Good for three Php 1200=3 pax, Php 400
2nd night: Good for two persons Php 800=2 pax, Php 400
Total Php 1225
Activities Description ( Cost) Total Amount Spent
Souvenirs Bought from baguio Php 750
Short course caving Tour guide(required) Php 500(4 visitors and less), Php 166
shuttle Php 350=3 pax, Php 116
Hanging Coffin, Rice Terraces Viewpoint, Sagada Weaving with shuttle Php 700=2 pax, Php450
Sagada environmental fee Required by tourism office Php 35
Banaue envronmental fee Required by tourism office Php 25
Bangaan Rice Terraces with tricycle Php 700=2 pax, Php450
Total Php 1876
Food budget Description ( Cost) Total Amount Spent
Day1 Breakfast Tiktilaok Php 115
Day1 Lunch Luto ni Juan Php 143
Day1 Dinner Please see others
Day2 Breakfast Please see others
Day2 Lunch Nearby kitchenette in Baguio City Php 95
Day2 Dinner Sagada Diner 60(other expenses were paid by my friend)
Day3 Breakfast Nearby kitchenette Php 90
Day3 Lunch Nearby kitchenette Php 95
Day3 Dinner San Marino Tuna Paella Php 45
Day4 Breakfast Aroscaldo Php 60
Day4 Lunch Sanafe restaurant(meal and hot choco) Php 200
Day4 Dinner Bread and Coffee Php 30
Day5 Breakfast Mang Inasal Php 130
Others: Bread, water, cup noodles, biscuits, junk foods, and etc Breakfast and snacks while on the bus Php 450=3 pax, Php 150
Total Php 1213
Total Expenses Php 5994


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I also made a video for this trip. Please watch in HD.

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