How to get to Bontoc

Most of the people do not stay longer in Bontoc. Bontoc is a gateway to Banaue when coming from Sagada. If you want to visit Bontoc, here’s how to get there:


Via Manila

You may ride Cabletours bus bound for Bontoc in the bus terminal inside Trinity University of Asia Campus at E. Rodriguez Ave. Cubao, Quezon City. Cabletours departs at 8:30P.M.


Via Baguio

GL Lizardo Trans departs 8am, 10am & 2:30pm from Governor pck Rd. Baguio City, 220 Pesos D’Rising Sun Buses departs 5am-1pm from Slaughter House Compound, Baguio City, 220 Pesos. Info by


Via Sagada

When coming from Sagada, you can ride a jeepney across the public market. Travel takes about two hours. Fare is at Php 45.00


Via Banaue

Ride a jeepney at the public market. Travel takes about 2 hours.


Via Ilocos Sur (Vigan, San Fernando (La Union)):

Get off any bus between Vigan and San Fernando (La Union) at Bitalag, which is a few kilometres north of Tagudin. As you approach Bitalog you will seen a road sign for a turnoff to Bessang Pass. Take a minivan from Bitalag to Cervantes (₱150, 2 hours). These first start departing between 7 to 8 am The minivans run roughly every three hours until 5 pm, but this strongly depends on the number of people travelling. The minivans are located on the other side of the T-junction beside the New Crossing hardware shop. There are public restrooms at Bitalag. The route takes you on a winding picturesque road (subject to landslides) through the Bessang Pass National Park. From Cervantes take a minivan or jeepney (which passes over the Alulung Bridge which opened in March 2013, 35 years after construction commenced) either direct to Bontoc or there is no direct service then to Bauko (₱70, 1 hour) and then another from there to Bontoc (₱50, 1 hour). Another route between Cervantes and Bontoc is via Abatan, but this is longer. If you are going onto Sagada, ask the driver as you approach Bontoc to let you off at the turn-off to Sagada and flag down a Sagada bound jeepney. This avoids going all the way into Bontoc. Info by


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