Sagada: 2nd day Baguio-Sagada-Bontoc-Banaue

They were right. You will definitely fall in love with Sagada when you get there. The cool breeze of fresh air, the tranquillity, and the nice people of Sagada will just make you stay for a longer period of time. I wanted to stay longer but for now I can’t. And yes, I will definitely come back.

Sagada Homestay

Sagada is about six-hour away from Baguio by bus. We left Baguio at 1:00P.M. which was the last trip and we got there at 7:00P.M. It was the time then for us to relax and prepare ourselves for the next day’s adventure.

Sagada homestay diner


Sagada homestay diner
Pine trees everywhere

We had our dinner at the Sagada diner. One thing that I noticed is that the food that they served can already be consumed by two people. We thought it’s the same serving in the city, so the three of us ordered bihon, tinolang isda, and baboy(I forgot the name) and….boom!!! it was like fiesta hahaha.

We woke up at 3:30A.M. on the next day to prepare and left at 4:30A.M. just like what the owner of the sagada homestay told us in order to get to Kiltepan Peak at the exact time to catch the sunrise. It was a DIY trip, which means we have to walk our way there since we don’t have a car, which is usually provided when you get a tour package, and there were no jeepneys around at those wee hours of the morning. We were told that it was going to take about 30 minutes only to get there. Man!!! Their 30 minutes is one hour and 30 minutes to us.

Kiltepan Peak
Kiltepan Peak

The sun has already risen when we got there but that’s fine. We got what we wanted. The sun may have risen but it was still hiding behind the clouds.


Then, we went back to the homestay and changed clothes and then had our breakfast at the nearby kitchenette.

Lumiang Cave: in case you didn’t know, those are coffins


Sumaguing cave entrance
Sumaguing cave
Sumaguing cave: the king’s curtain
Sumaguing cave

At 9:00A.M., we went to the tourism office to start our short course caving. We wanted to try the spelunking but one of us had to leave at noon for Manila for work.

echo Valley: hanging coffins


rice terraces view point

The short course caving took about three hours. We were left alone with Krystle to continue the trip. We proceeded to the famous Hanging coffins in Echo valley and the rice terraces view point.


Then, we spent the rest of the day roaming around the town and prepare for our Bontoc-Banaue trip.


Where to stay:


Alapo’s                                 :               0921-327-9055

Alfredo’s                              :               0918-588-3535

A-7                                        :               0921-287-6039

Billy’s House                       :               0921-603-2745

Canaway                              :               0910-709-2631

Churya-a                              :               0906-430-0853

Ganduyan                            :               0921-273-8097

Gecko Inn                            :               0920-289-5471

George Guesthouse            :               0918-548-0406

Igorot Inn                            :               0908-757-8357

Kanip-aw Pines View        :               0928-289-7507

Mapiya-aw Pension           :               0905-216-4055

Olahbinan                           :               0928-406-7647

Residential Lodge              :               0919-672-8744

Rock Inn                              :               0920-909-5899

Rocky Valley                       :               0918-643-2784

Sagada Guesthouse          :               0921-9694053

Sagada Homestay             :               0919-702-8380

Saint Joseph                      :               0918-559-5934

Traveler’s Inn                    :               0920-799-2960

Yabami Lodge                   :               0920-411-9976

Hotel rates range from Php 200-500 per person per night.



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