Never go broke in Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island is located in Northern Cebu, Philippines. It has become known globally and has attracted a lot of tourists for its white sand beach, rich marine sanctuary, and the famous thresher sharks.

Some of my friends who haven’t been there had been asking me what to do in the island and how to spend a vacation there without paying through the nose. Let me give you a list of fun things to do and where to stay.



Enjoy the sight of Sunset and Sunrise

Malapascua Island:Logon



Cliff Jumping


Snorkel and Island Hopping



You may contact Joel at (63)926-486-2963. He offered us a tour for Php 500 only(2persons).


Beach Bumming


We stayed in Logon because of the wide stretch of fine sandy shoreline.


Dinner by the beach

Kokay’s Maldito Restaurant

Most of the restaurants in the island are quite expensive but you can surely find affordable ones. We decided to eat here because we ran out of cash.






Camping by the beach





Most tourists come by especially divers because of the thresher sharks. From what I’ve learned, Malapascua is the only place in the world where thresher sharks can be seen daily before sunrise.



Where to stay:

I must say that most of the hotels and resorts in Malapascua are expensive but I can definitely recommend one where you don’t have to spend more money.


Whitesand Bungalows: For more info click here.





This was the second time that I set foot on the island. And this was the second time that I stayed in the resort. Room rates range from Php 500-2500.

We met a new friend: Jasper

We had our tent, so they offered us Php150 each to stay there with our tent and free use of the bathroom. They didn’t recommend pitching the tent outside at night to avoid getting robbed by bad people.


Tip: Make sure to bring extra cash because there is no atm in the island, but just in case, you may withdraw money from your ATM cards in MLuhllier pawnshop in Daanbantayan near maya port.


How to get there?

Ride an outrigger boat from Maya port to Malapascua Island. Fare should be Php100 only. According to locals, boat schedules will depend on the season but usually first trip is at 6:00A.M. and the last trip is at 5:00P.M. when going to the Island and 3:00P.M. from the island.



Transportation Description Total Amount Spent
Bus Roundtrip Php 360
Boat Roundtrip(from and to maya port) Php 200
Accommodation Description Total Amount Spent
Whitesand Bungalows Tent Php 150
Activities Description Total Amount Spent
Snorkel and Island Hopping Php250
Food budget Description Total Amount Spent
Lunch at Daanbantayan(1st day) Php 50
Kokay’s Maldito restaurant Dinnet Php 400
Breakfast We had our own food N/A
Lunch at Daanbantayan(2nd day) Php 70
Total Expenses Php 1480

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    1. Im glad to know this could help. Send my regards to the thresher sharks and rays hehehe. I wish i could too to see them. Thanks for reading.

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