Welcome to web-hosting world!!!

Finally I got my new site up and running. I’d love to think that I can now do more than what I could with my old site, hopefully.


Now, let me start this with a little rant. Building this website was very frustrating, exhausting, brain-wracking, life-changing, and however you want to describe it for a web-hosting-noob like me. The process was not easy as it seemed.


Two weeks ago, I decided to purchase a domain and a hosting service. I was searching online where to get a better service yet affordable. I found some on google but most of them cost an arm and a leg. Good thing (wait! Did I just say that?) I found my web hosting company (I don’t want to name it) that offers a good package that includes domain registration, web hosting, own email domain, and etc. Pretty affordable! It only costs me Php 850 annually for the domain registration and ID protection and Php 294 quarterly for the….hmmm I think that’s for the package.


Now, let me cut to the chase. I thought everything was going to be easy for me since it says on their website “We will transfer your website to us for free”. Sounds good right?! So I called them up and asked for help. I was so happy that the girl I talked to didn’t seem to know what she was doing. And after sticking my ear up on the phone for almost an hour, VIOLA!!! The line cut off. And ohhh that might might kill my bill. Okay, let me forgive that. So I went online and ask for assistance from a chat support representative. After I got connected to their server, a guy welcomed me instantly. He asked me a few questions and after I clarified my concern, CHADAN!!!! He’s gone!!! And that didn’t happen just once but everytime. And everytime I connected to their chat support, I always got that guy on the line and same thing happened over and over again. Was he a ninja?!!


So there, I had to do everything on my own. I googled the migration process and all the codes that I needed to put into my database. Unfortunately, all that processes just didn’t work for me and I don’t know why. I then had no choice but to post each of my articles manually. So it’s like starting again from scratch…no likes, no comments, no nothing. After all that, I installed jetpack plugin to get my subscribers transferred. What happened next? ERROR!!! Just wow!! Hahaha. And one more thing that I noticed is that my site runs very slow. So I guess I just have to leave it that way. Well, at least now I learned a little coding process and etc. that might help me in my future web-endeavor.


Ooohh…. As I write this now, I just received an email coming from the hosting company. He’s telling me things that I couldn’t understand hahaha. I’ll try to work with him and we’ll see.:)



I exchanged email with the staff of the hosting company and he did something on his end. I am now able to get access to jetpack and connect to my wordpress but I still can’t get my subscribers to transfer to my self-hosted wordpress site. I might have to address that to jetpack now. My website is now running faster than before. I might want to reconsider his suggestion to upgrade to speed up my website.

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    1. Thanks. I’ll be happy to help though I only know little. Actually, ive been reading your blog even before i started to write. And i like ur site, very organized. Anyhow, you may contact me and ill do everything to be a good help.

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