Travel Guide: Negros Oriental

The island of Negros was formerly called “Buglas” which means “cut off”. It was believed that the island was separated from a larger landmass by rising water during the last ice age. The name of the island was then changed to “Negros” which means “black” after the observance of the Spanish colonizers to many dark-skinned inhabitants.  –


Negros Oriental is a province of the Philippines located in the Negros Island region. It occupies the southeastern half of the island of Negros. –


My first thought of Negros Island specifically Negros Oriental was just a place and boring. I was wrong. Negros Island is definitely my kind of place; quiet and rich in natural attractions.




Niludhan Falls – Bayawan City

Lordes Falls – Bayawan City

Twin Lakes Balinsasayao and Danao – Sibulan

Lake Balanan – Siaton

Quipot Falls – Canlaon City






watermarked-20150830_031435000   Casaroro Falls – Valencia

Pulangbato Falls – Valencia

Apo Island

White sandbar – Manjuyod







These are just some of the attractions that you may visit in Negros Oriental. Some locals told me that there are still attractions in the island that remain unexplored. The area of Negros Oriental itself is gargantuan that it needs couple of weeks or even months to explore its truest beauty.


Detailed Itinerary:


Day 1

6:00A.M.              :               Bus departure

11:00A.M.           :               Arrival in Dumaguete City; Departure to Bayawan City

3:00P.M.              :               Arrival in Bayawan City; Niludhan Falls; Late Lunch

5:30P.M.              :               Bus Departure

9:30P.M.              :               Arrival in Dumaguete City; Checked in at Moriah Pension Inn

10:00P.M.            :               Late Dinner


Day 2

6:00A.M.              :               Breakfast

7:00A.M.              :               Dumaguete to San Jose

8:00A.M.              :               San Jose to drop off point

9:00A.M.              :               Balinsasayao Lake

10:00A.M.           :               Back to Dumaguete City

12:00P.M.            :               Hotel check out

12:30P.M.            :               Lunch

1:00P.M.              :               Strolling around

2:05P.M.              :               Bus departure: Back to Cebu



How to get there?


By Air

PAL and Cebu Pacific have a direct flight from Manila to Dumaguete City.


By Sea

2GO has a weekly trip from Manila to Dumaguete.

If coming from Cebu, slow and fast ferries are available daily to get to Dumaguete City.


By Land

If coming from Cebu, you may ride a bus bound for Dumaguete City in Cebu South Bus Terminal.



Where to stay?


Moriah Pension Inn



Molave St., Daro Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Contact numbers: (035) 422-9973/09173143441

Room rates range from Php450 to Php1,700




Flights  / Transportation Description Group Expenses Individual Expenses
Bus Cebu to Dumaguete (RT) Php 410
Boat Round Trip Php 140
Bus Dumaguete to Bayawan Php 100
Motorcycle Bayawan proper to Niludhan Falls(RT) Php 250
Trike Duma Bus Terminal to Pension Inn Php 16
Trike Pension Inn to Jeepney station(SanJose) Php 8
Jeepney Dumaguete to San Jose (RT) Php 30
Motorcycle Balinsasayao (RT) Php 400
Trike Cathedral to Ceres Bus Terminal Php 8
Total Php 1362
Accommodation Description  Group Expenses Individual Expenses
Moriah Pension Inn One night Php 650 Php 325
Activities Description  Group Expenses Individual Expenses
Balinsasayao Lake Registration fee Php 10
Food budget Description  Group Expenses Individual Expenses
Breakfast Day 1 Php 80
Lunch Day 1 Php 55
Dinner Day 1 Php 73
Breakfast Day 2 Php 50
Lunch Day 2 Php 105
Total Php 373
Grand Total expenses Php 2060

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