Samboan: Happiness on an unexpected day

I’ve been to Samboan once but I wasn’t able to visit Dau Falls because of the limited time. I promised to come back and go there but I didn’t have a chance. At 2:00A.M. on Saturday, I received a call from Carlota inviting me to go to Samboan again to visit Dau, Binalayan, and Aguinid Falls. Without a second thought I agreed to meet them in CSBT at 3:00A.M.


Our bus left at 4:00A.M. and arrived in Samboan about 8:00A.M. We went directly to Aguinid Falls to have our stuff left in the kitchenette where we had our breakfast. From there, we chartered a trike to take us to Dau Falls.


Dau Falls is about 30-45 minutes away from Aguinid Falls via trike. The trek from the entrance to the falls takes another 30 minutes.


The first part of our trek was perspiring due to the scorching heat of the sun. We had to endure the heat as there were no trees around that could protect us from getting fried.


Upon reaching this point, the trek then became lighter by the presence of the trees and its shades.


After a few minutes of walking, the view began to mesmerize everyone.


Before we even got close to the falls, we had to cross a few streams in which I pondered that treasures really need to be kept safe and away from anything that may abuse its natural beauty. Just like Niludhan Falls and Dau falls, you need to go through a long way to see them.


The trail was not difficult as I thought. It only takes basic trekking skills to get to the falls. And of course photography skills… you don’t want to miss to capture the beautiful sight while on the way hehe.


And after a few more minutes, this was what greeted us. Beautiful, isn’t it?!


The water coming from that part of Dau Falls produces another waterfall which can be accessed through a steep and slippery pathway beside the staircase.


After freshened up, we headed to our next stop: Binalayan Falls.


But before we headed directly to Binalayan Falls, we dropped by Ponong Lake. Sorry I am not really into lakes, so I can’t tell you more about it. However, among the lakes that I visited, Balinsasayao Lake is my favoriteJ


We didn’t stay long in there. We just came to see how it looks like, so after a few minutes we headed already to Binalayan Falls. There’s still a need to trek to the falls from the entrance but it only takes about 15 minutes.


We were glad that we were the first visitors that time. We were able to fully enjoy the place unlike the first time we went there that it was very crowded.


And then our last stop was the five-tiered Aguinid Falls.


What makes Aguinid Falls unique is the rock formation. Before you get to the last tier, you will need to trek and climb a big wall of rock.


That spot right there is the big rock that we had to climb.


Since it was Sunday, it was already expected that a horde of tourists would be visiting Aguinid Falls. It was funny that we kept avoiding group of people just take a photo with no one in the background. There you go… Perfect!! Hehe.

watermarked-20150907_125216000_iOS (1)

Before we headed back home, we dropped by the church of St. Michael the Archangel to light a candle but it was closed.


So instead, we rested for a while and then had our early dinner thereafter.


Everyone was very tired already when we headed back home. We dozed off in the bus since most of us had not gotten sleep when we went there to begin with. I was glad that I was invited in this trip. It was happiness indeed.

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