Moalboal: Weekdays are better days

Is there such a perfect day to travel? Everyday is a perfect day but I would prefer travelling during weekdays because you get to avoid horde of tourists and travelers and you get to enjoy the place exclusive to yourself.


My rest day 3 days ago was dead boring, so I packed my bag and headed to Alcantara. I’ve been planning to go to the Boardwalk which I learned long before from the blog of Leylander,, but I didn’t have the chance.


To cut to the chase, I arrived in Alcantara feeling dismayed because it was not open due to renovation. I asked some people around but no one knew when it will be reopened to the public.


I headed to Basdaku, Moalboal instead to satisfy my need to wander and unwind.


I arrived about 5:00PM, just about time for the sun to set.


It was then that I realized that the beach in Basdaku, Moalboal can be just as beautiful and peaceful when it was not crowded.


One of the best places to watch sunset indeed.


Forward to yesterday, I went again to Basdaku, Moalboal with friends, Jordan and Fritz, for an overnight camping. Indeed, I could feel the tranquility of the beach when it was not packed like sardines.


We made a bonfire before dinner which we eventually had to put out because it was not allowed. It was a fine night, a sky full of stars (I wish I had a DSLR camera to take a perfect photo of the stars hehe), that we saw at least 8 shooting stars while talking about our plan for the next day.


Another morning came and we had to prepare our breakfast early so that we could leave early for our next destination.


Just after filling up our stomach when it started to rain and we had to wait for it to stop in order for us to break camp.


This was one of the highlights of this camping adventure: the rainbow!!! This was my first time to see a perfect rainbow. The rain was not heavy, more like a drizzle but not exactly a drizzle…I don’t know how you call it exactly but it was heavier than a drizzle and lighter than a normal rain haha, but it made a gargantuan rainbow.



Let me try to get up close…There!!!


Finally, after a few minutes the rain has stopped which signaled us that it was about time to pack and get ready for the next adventure.

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