Ronda: Lusno Falls

About 9:30AM, we already left and headed to Ronda to go to Lusno Falls as planned last night.


Upon arrival, we dropped by the police station first to leave our stuff so we could have a hassle-free motorcycle ride going to Brgy. Anajao. According to chasingpotatoes, fare from the market to Brgy. Anajao should be about Php75 but the local drivers kept arguing that it was Php100 each person. But you know what we figured out? The drivers were lying. We talked to some locals there and they said it was only Php70. Whuuuttt??!!! We could have saved at least Php60 and that could have been 2 liters of bottled water already.  This is what I hate about most habal-habal drivers. They collect overpriced amount of fare from tourists and travellers thinking that we have pots of money. watermarked-20151112_053042742_iOS Anyway, from this point, we already had to walk our way to the falls. And since it rained earlier today, it was expected that the road would be muddy… watermarked-20151112_021827000_iOS Super muddy!!!

barefoot on our way back


See? Hahaha. Good thing we were on our trekking sandals and slippers.


We didn’t have a tour guide because we were told to just ask around to get there. Hhhmm, the path going to the falls were not that confusing though. With the easy trail and help from some locals, we got there within just a few minutes.


Beautiful!!!    Read more: Travel Guide: Lusno Fallswatermarked-20151112_122735000_iOS Before we spent the rest of our time in Lusno Falls, we climbed up farther to see the Tay-ong Falls which is located just a few meters above Lusno Falls. watermarked-20151112_025326851_iOS

watermarked-20151112_025331339_iOS Wait!!! Is that for real??!! No offense to the carabaos. I love them but I didn’t know how I should feel about seeing them in the water. Well, they seemed to be enjoying the water much, so good for them hahaha. watermarked-20151112_030523000_iOS We went back down to Lusno Falls. Never mind the carabao hahaha. The waterfall was very enticing and everyone had a great time for we had it for ourselves only. watermarked-20151112_120658000_iOS The free spirit pose and the hokage on the left hahaha watermarked-20151112_115821000_iOS There’s more… the yoga pose hehe. watermarked-20151112_063304665_iOS Since the place was very remote and there was nothing there but waterfalls and carabaos only, we had to take our lunch in the Market. So before heading back home, we dropped by at Dadai’s special letson to take a blissful and delicious lunch but unfortunately the lechon was nowhere to be found hahaha.

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