TOP 10 Best Christmas Presents for Travelers

Season of Christmas is fast approaching. It feels like it was just yesterday when we had series of explorations.  Christmas season is giving season, so now is the time to share the joy and love to our loved ones and friends.


It is the time of the year again when everyone talks about “Christmas Presents”. And it is the time of the year to think about best and affordable gift ideas for our friends, loved ones, or just anyone especially those who are travel-lovers. Here’s my list of “TOP 10 Best Christmas Presents for Travelers”:


1. Backpack


Give them the most essential. Backpack is considered as portable closet by most travelers, so give them a sturdy and reliable backpack that they deserve.


2. Travel Shoes


Traveling can be physically grueling. A comfy footwear is an ideal gift to make every traveler’s trip less exhausting.


3. Headset


Dreary moments are inevitable when traveling especially by a plane or a bus. To avoid these moments, most travelers, I, for one, listen to music or watch movies. This is perfect to make the trip livelier.


4. Action Camera


Trendy? Well, not for adventure junkies. This is essential to capture action-packed moments. Not only for adventure junkies but also those who love to take photos of themselves with 170 degrees background.


5. Travel Apparel


When traveling, of course, comfortable clothing is a must.


6. Sports Watch


More than just tell the time of the day. Every adventure traveler needs a reliable sports watch (shock-absorbent, stain-resistant, and water resistant or waterproof) that can keep up with every action.


7. Affordable Smartphones


I would like to give emphasis on the word affordable since not everyone is capable to buy expensive smartphones. Smartphones are innovating and now considered important in traveling. Here we can download apps that are conducive to hassle-free travels such as offline map, weather app, Google translate, and the like.


8. Power Bank


Speaking of smartphones, of course, power banks are highly needed to keep the phones and all other devices alive in the middle of a long travel.


9. Foldable Day Pack


When we travel to a destination, we sometimes want to just leave some things in our room and bring what is only needed for the activity of that day. We surely don’t want to carry everything on our back the entire travel duration.  This has been one of my problems, so I’m buying one for myself hehe.


10. Cable Organizer


Why do we, travelers, need this? Because we want all of our stuff to be organized inside our backpack.


No need to be hard-pressed as to what to give during Yuletide Season. Let your loved one’s Christmas be the merriest by giving them these gifts for more happy travels in the future.

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