A look-back to my 2015

Time flies so fast, really. It was just like yesterday when I thought of traveling around my home province, Cebu, and then to other provinces.


This whole thing started when I had a solo travel to Osmeña Peak and Oslob, and then followed by series of explorations to different places.


A friend once asked me why I was wasting my money in traveling instead of saving it in the bank. For a second there, I thought he was all right.  Yes, he was right about the savings, but, why not do it all at the same time? After all, the experience was worth it.


I was not wasting my money at all. In fact, I experienced the world as much as I experienced life. Traveling is not only about visiting tourist destinations but more like learning the real life outside the four corners of the house.


I may have not traveled the whole world but the experience gave me a better definition of life. I got to meet different people from different places. I learned different ideas from different people and had a glimpse of what really simple living is.


Before 2015 came, I promised to travel because I simply wanted to see the beauty of nature. From this day forward, I promise not only to experience the world but to learn more about life and culture. So, before I move on with my life in 2016, here’s a look-back video from 2015 of different places that I have been to.  Surely, this will guide me and remind me of my sole purpose why I travel.

So now that another year has come, I am hopeful that my next travels will become more meaningful. It may not be as frequent as last year but I will do my best to learn better so I could share it to everyone.

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