Naga: Mt. Naupa

This is a very late post from our camping in Mt. Naupa located in Naga, Cebu. Back in December 2015, a friend of mine, Fritz, invited me to tag along with their group for an outreach program. The group began the program early that day. The five of us, me, Jordan, Fritz, and two of her friends, had to catch up with the group due to prior priorities; hence, we were able to leave very late in the afternoon.

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I couldn’t remember the estimated time as I was not paying close attention to it but I surmised it took an hour of bumpy motorcycle ride from the bakeshop at the corner of Rikio, Minglanilla (sorry I couldn’t remember the name of the bakeshop) and another hour of ascent from Cogon chapel.  We had a short stop in a nearby store to meet the group and for dinner to power up before proceeding to the summit. As an amateur, the trail going to the summit was not easy if I must say. The path was steep and darkness enveloped the surrounding which added to the grueling moment of our climb.


I was surprised the next day that it only took no more than an hour from the summit all the way down to Cogon chapel. The descent was pretty smooth… well of course, descent is much easier than ascent especially when everything is visible all around.




How to get there?

According to internet, there are many ways in getting to Mt. Naupa. We got our bus from Bulacao since we are only living in the southern part of Cebu City.


Most people, especially if you are not living in the southern part of the city, take a bus in Cebu South Bus Terminal or KMK bus in SM City Cebu and then alight at Gaisano Minglanilla or at the bakeshop located at the corner of Rikio, Minglanilla, if I’m not mistaken it’s called Tinong’s bakery. If you choose the latter, habal-habal fare would then be just Php30 going to Cogon chapel. According to our habal-habal driver, Php30 is the fair amount of fare, some would collect more than that amount. And then from Cogon chapel, you may hire a local guide or you may just follow the trail to get to Mt. Naupa.

20 thoughts on “Naga: Mt. Naupa

    1. iskina rikio kanang naay bakery. sakay lang habal-habal ingna mt naupa para adto mo hunong cogon chapel. Inig abot didto pwede ramo kuha ug guide:-)

    1. Hi sorry for the late response. Hope it’s not too late. Had a problem with my notification. wala jud ko nanotify sa comment. Yes, safe ra ang overnight didto. I suggest sat lang mo overnight kai usually naa may mag overnight didto pod basta saturday.

    1. Hi sorry for the late response. Hope it’s not too late. Had a problem with my notification. wala jud ko nanotify sa comment. Yes, safe ra ang early hike didto. Though dili ko sure if kana nga time naay mo guide since locals ra mostly bata ang mo-offer guide. tnx for dropping.

    1. hello Julie! thanks for dropping by. last time ko nisaka didto kai Feb karon lang nga year. sa akong pagkahinumdom kai 80 ako napliti from bakeshop to cogon chapel I think kai ako ra usa sa hablhabal den dala nah hangyo. 🙂

      1. Been there again last week. 🙂 P50 lang gihapon ang plete padulong sa chapel. Sad thing tho is naa na’y entrance of P20 along the trail way, and another P20 sa Naupa camping grounds mismo. 🙁

        Anyways, in case madayon mo, you can use this map for reference. Just recently updated it from last week’s trip:

    1. Hi,

      dili ko sure kung pila ka km. Katong kami kai nitake mga 1 hr padung saka apil na hunong hunong nya mga 30 mins more or less pagpanaug. Pede raman ka paguide sa mga bata para naa kay kuyog. Kung ganahan ka naay sabay na mga hikers pod pede ka adto Saturday hapon kai mao nay ting-katkat makadungan ra ka mga climbers didto gikan sa chapel.

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