Olango Island: Wildlife and Marine Sanctuary

After three months of staycation at home, I was finally able to go out of my crib. I missed the heat, the breeze, and the smell of the ocean. The weather was just as perfect as summer season. Wondering where I could go next, Google map showed me a perfect place to take a leisurely jaunt for a day.


Olango Island is located five kilometers east of Mactan Island. It is about 15 – 20 minutes away from Hilton or Angasil wharf via outrigger boat. The island is a resting place for migratory birds that normally leave their breeding ground and arrive between November and early March for the anticipation of scarcity of food during winter season.


It was past noon by the time I arrived in the island. Since I was alone, I had to take extra cash out of my pocket to pay for two to take me to the Wildlife Sanctuary.


Okay, I take it back! The weather was not perfect! It was too hot!!! I had to endure the scorching heat and not to mention the long concrete pathway. Too bad, I didn’t bring my sunscreen protection (laag pa more!)


As I walked along the pathway, some of the migratory birds already caught my attention. They were gliding as if they were dancing in the wind.


According to the guide, the best time to visit is during high tide.


A glimpse through the telescope.


After almost two hours, I went back to the registration area to have a late lunch.


Just a few steps away from the Wildlife Sanctuary is Marine Sanctuary. Below is the list of activities and its price that you can take advantage of while in the island of Olango.



After paying the boardwalk user fee, I went ahead and headed towards the boardwalk.


Just as I thought! A long stretch of bamboo trail that I needed to take under the intense heat of the sun hehe.


I wish I brought extra clothes so I could swim or probably snorkel. Perhaps, next time is the best time to do all those since I already have an idea what to do in the island. And of course, I’ll bring some friends and camp out in the beach when I come back. For now, let’s call it a day:-)



  • Motorbikes and trikes are the only means of transportation in the island. Since motorbikes/habal-habal are not allowed in the port area, you need to take the trike first and alight at the first intersection. From there, you will find motorbike drivers along the street that can take you to the sanctuary.
  • The sanctuary is an isolated place; therefore, it is highly recommended that you negotiate the driver to pick you up thereafter.
  • You can only find restaurants in the main town, however, you may bring your own food and have your meal at the corner adjacent to the office.


How to get there?

Olango Island is only about 15 – 20 minute boat ride from Mactan Island. There are 2 piers to catch boats, one is next to Movenpick Hotel (Hilton Pier) and the other one is in Angasil port. Fare is Php15.00.


4 thoughts on “Olango Island: Wildlife and Marine Sanctuary

    1. Hi Haeja! Thanks for dropping by! The fare is only Php25 but please be reminded that drivers collect twice that amount if you are alone. Best time to visit is between November and February. Don’t worry the guide said you will still be able to get a good sight during March since this is the Month that they will prepare and transition in going back to their breeding ground. And please don’t forget to visit during high tide:-)

    1. That depends upon the negotiation with the driver. What I did was I paid another Php50 on top of the round trip fare so he could pick me up on my way back.

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