5 Reasons you should plan your own adventure

While travel tour packages can give you convenience and a hassle free travel, traveling D.I.Y. can be a rewarding to a certain degree. Itineraries can be a test of patience in researching and planning all out for days, weeks, or even months, however, there is a great sense of satisfaction when you see you have figured it all out yourself.


To date, the idea of D.I.Y. travel versus the package tours has been the subject of considerable debate among travelers. While neither has been proved right or wrong by professionals or which is which, here’s “FIVE REASONS YOU SHOULD DO-IT-YOURSELF.”


1. Personality development

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Science has proven that traveling has psychological effects. Dr. Julia Zimmerman and researchers set out to prove the study in which the result was published in the Journal of Personality. The study attests that traveling has a drastic effect on developing one’s personality. Decision making skill is improved and one will become likely more spontaneous, optimistic, and will look at life from entirely different standpoint.


2. Money

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When you “DO-IT-YOURSELF”, you get to learn how you are going to spend your money wisely. You get to keep your budget and learn how to sort out “needs” from “wants” not only while traveling but also in a real life situation.


3. Pick your own destination

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While package tours will make you worry-free about where to go because it will give you just that, “DO-IT-YOURSELF” on the other hand, enables you to visit all your desired places and go beyond the usual itinerary.


4. No time limit

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You are the “GOD of Time.” You don’t need to strictly follow your itinerary. Wander anywhere you want, anytime you want, and as long as you want. Need I say more?


5. Education

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All that being said, traveling is the best education. You will learn all aforementioned and more when you travel. The best education cannot be given or simply taught. It is determined through experience and by that I mean traveling. The best way to receive this is by learning cultural similarities and differences, tasting unfamiliar dishes, meeting and understanding different people, learning earthly mysteries, and etc.



Why else should you travel D.I.Y.? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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