Alegria: April “FALLS” day

The good thing about living in Cebu is that you can take a jaunt even when you don’t have the luxury of time. I was lucky I got a chance to spend a long weekend. However, errands back home wouldn’t allow me to go outside Cebu, so instead, I headed somewhere down south.


I’ve already gone to some parts of the south of Cebu but this time I am going to uncover the hidden gems of Algeria which is a little over 3 hours away from Cebu city.


It is not that I am going to reveal it like a secret information, for all we know, it is widely circulating around in the internet with the aid of social media. It’s more like me helping to promote the tourism of the place that may remain unknown to others, and of course, for me to enjoy my weekend. 😀


The original plan was to leave as early as 4:00A.M. but unfortunately I woke up late and ended up leaving at 7:00A.M. Jordan tag along with me since our rest days fall on the same day. Lucky us we were able to catch a bus leaving past 8:00A.M. and arrived in Alegria almost noon.


We hired a motorbike in the public market. The motorcycle driver was supposed to charge us Php500 to take us to Cambais and Cancalanog falls. We tried to haggle and then agreed on the fair amount of Php450.


Our first stop was Cancalanog falls. According to the driver, there are two routes to get there but we chose the longer route or the driver chose that one if I must say so that we wouldn’t be asked to pay the entrance fee hehe. 😀


From the drop off point, we had to trek all the way to Cancalanog for about 30 minutes more or less.



We spent a little over 30 minutes or less than an hour there so we could spend more time in Cambais falls.



After about 15-20 minutes from Cancalanog, we finally reached this sign where we began to trek again about 1km passing through the woods and lush vegetation on the way to Cambais falls.


As we arrived, I hurriedly set up my tripod and phone and waited for a perfect moment to capture the photo. It was a bit hard for me to take a good photo…I mean, a photo with no one in the foreground because many locals were having a good time swimming in the plunge basin and jumping from the top of the waterfall.


The second level is where the wooden staircase can be found the one I was excited to see, but trust me, it’s nothing when you see the waterfall in the third level.


I wonder why the waterfall was a bit dried up. Could it be due to summer season or climate change now manifests its effect? I sure hope it’s not the latter.


We were not able to visit Montpeller falls due to a limited time. Anyway, we’ll do that next time. 😀



How to get there?

  • Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal. Ride a bus bound for Bato via Barili and alight in Alegria public market.
  • Hire a motorbike in the public market. Fare depends on your haggling strategy.






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