Bantayan: Unforgettable Memory in the Paradise

It was the beginning of the summer season when friends and I went for a weekend jaunt in an island called Bantayan.

Everybody was bursting with excitement. It was the first time of the two of them and it was my third. During my first two visits, I was not able to do much in the island. This time, I promised to make the most of the time and gallivant around the town.

As we arrived, we hurriedly checked in and left our bags in the room. We chartered a bike and used it to get around.

First stop, the cliff jumping site. No, we didn’t cliff jump. We only went to see the place. Back in 2013, I remembered we went there with my colleagues but I could not recall the exact location as it was not known to many yet until I was reminded by the movie Camp Sawi.

It was beautiful except for the trashes.


As we headed back to the resort, we passed through the market to buy food for dinner. Good thing we’re allowed to cook our own food in the resort. That made the whole trip dirt cheap.

Azure sky, teal blue sea, and the breeze of the ocean are calling. The weather was perfect for a perfect lazy holiday vacation.

We took a few snapshots and spent a little time chilling at the beach.


Night came, right after dinner; everybody went to the beach and stayed up late talking nonsense and laughing just about anything under the moon and stars. I took some photos of the moon and star trails but I couldn’t post them and I’ll tell you why in the latter part of the blog.

On the next day, we were supposed to wake up early to watch sunrise but that did not happen because everyone woke up late. The photo above was taken during my second visit.

Before heading to the next plan, we had to fill up our stomach. So, we bought bunches of scallops, Php35 each, and brought some to our next destination.

On our way, we dropped by at the cliff jumping site. It was low tide; so, all we did was swam into the shallow sea.

This was the part that made the whole trip memorable. There’s a stairway at the edge of the cliff that leads straight to the sea. Under the stairway, we found a paved surface where we could put all our stuff.  I was kind of negligent at the time to leave my camera in there thinking that we were alone. I never had second thoughts putting it in there because we were alone anyway and that we were just a few steps away from the stairway. To my surprise, just a few minutes after, my camera could no longer be found. Note to self: be more attentive and do not leave valuable things unattended at all costs.

Anyway, we went to a police station and reported the stolen item and then went ahead to our next destination to spend the rest of the day.

Here comes the best part, Paradise Beach Resort. Entrance is Php50 for adults and Php25 for children only. Cottages are absolutely free. There is no food or drink available at Paradise Beach so you will need to bring your own refreshments.


Paradise Beach Resort is a secluded beach resort which can be reached via bicycle, motorbike, or pump boat from your resort.



Payag ni JK

Contact number: +639337674196

Room rate: Php750 non a/c; Php1250 with a/c

Extra bed: Php150

Extra person: Php100



Cebu City is the gateway to Bantayan Island. Catch a bus from bound for Hagnaya in Cebu North Bus Terminal. The bus will take you straight to the port. Fare is Php132. From Hagnaya port, board a ferry going to Sta. Fe. Boat ticket is Php170.



Paradise Beach can be reached by pump boat or via bicycle or motorbike. The best way to get there is ask around. 😀



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