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Hello Laagans!

I go by the name of Lee. I am a nature lover and a so-so traveler. Beaches and waterfalls are my favorites.


About “istorya sa laagan”

ISTORYA SA LAAGAN is translated to English as “Story of a Wanderer”. This started out to be a travel diary only. When everything didn’t go well, I started to travel to have a break from hustle and bustle of the City and get back to life. My travel spirit was enliven when I had series of explorations. I knew this was innate since I used to travel with my parents when I was still a kid. At first, I wanted to write how I feel about the world but that was just unfair. My series of explorations made me realized that the world is just so big and so wonderful to be abhorred. So then, I started to write my own travel experiences. And now, I want to take this adventure to the next level to share my past and future experiences and inspire everyone by showing them the beauty of the world.



I dream to explore 81 provinces of the Philippines and explore places across the world. I love to explore unexplored places or at least the less crowded ones.

I dream to make that dream a reality. HAPPY TRAVELS LAAGANS!!!









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    1. Hi kresia! Thanks for visiting my site. That’s not my real name, i just love to go by the name of tiburcio 🙂 i think i should change that to not confuse other bloggers when commenting. Thanks for the idea:-)

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