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Hello Laagans!

I go by the name of Lee. I am a nature lover and a so-so traveler. Beaches and waterfalls are my favorites.


About “Istorya sa Laagan”

ISTORYA SA LAAGAN is translated to English as “Story of a Wanderer”. I began to travel to have a break from hustle and bustle of the City and get back to life. My travel spirit was enliven when I had series of explorations. I knew this was innate since I used to travel with my parents when I was a kid.


A lot of my friends asked me about travel budget and how to’s, so, I decided to build a travel blog, hence, “Istorya sa Laagan” was created. This started out to be an online travel journal only and eventually turned into a dedicated travel blog with guides and tips in the hopes to help fellow travelers who like to travel on a shoestring. Now, I want to take my adventures to the next level to share my experiences and ideas and to inspire everyone by showing them the beauty of nature.



I dream to explore 81 provinces of the Philippines and explore places across the world. I love to explore unexplored places or at least the less crowded ones. I dream to make that dream a reality. HAPPY TRAVELS LAAGANS!!!









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    1. Hi kresia! Thanks for visiting my site. That’s not my real name, i just love to go by the name of tiburcio 🙂 i think i should change that to not confuse other bloggers when commenting. Thanks for the idea:-)

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